Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Golden Age of the Scam

With Western economies in technical bankruptcy and millions enslaved by unpayable debt, we might be entering a new golden age of the scam.

Let us first put some names and faces to the Nigerian 419 scam, sourced from the Nigerian site The following are photographs of the Nigerian scammers that individuals who were targeted by the scammers managed to obtain from the scammers themselves, using baiting techniques. Obviously, the names are false, and in some cases the scammers might have threatened others to pose on their behalf.

"Patrick Mestrallet" (L), "Chief John Aka Bamba" (R)

"Barrister Ike Blessing" (L), "Nelson+Malambe" (R)

"Joseph Otumba" (L), "Barrister Azeez" (R)

"William Kishali" (L), "Albert Williams" (R)

"Daniel John" (L), "Barrister Gbamuda" (R)

Now it is time to educate yourself:

Complete listing of Scams